I ate this, here in December

I couldn’t start the year without telling you of all the lovely things I got up to before the year ended. As the year wound down and school finished up for the kids, I  headed out all over town. And it was delicious!
So where shall I start…


Let’s begin with the Omelet of the Century! at Harvest (I’ve had 3 more since!!!). My goodness! From the  gorgeous texture of perfectly wiped warm eggs to the cool salty feta and who’d-of-thunk-it brilliance of sugar snap peas, kale & spring onion toppings. I did not want this to end! It was something else!


Next stop L’espresso. And what have we here? Almond milk, chia pudding with stone fruit and superfood sprinkle. Is it dessert? Is it breakfast? Well it’s the healthiest darn thing in town right now. Always innovative, always testing our taste buds. The perfect way to start the day!


And speaking of words. The words “super” and “healthy” are starting to appear on menus everywhere! I love it. Here is an example of both. The “Super Healthy Salad” from GeeCee’s. I had this one for breakfast. Delicious!

This is how I spend my Monday mornings. My pink loving partner in crime, with a pink smoothie and a very casual pink unicorn. Best organic coffee and the best organic wheat free bread in town. Also organic gingerbread man & organic licorice to go please with a Kombucha chaser. Boah Organics knows what I like. They have”healthy” covered, all over the shop…literally!


Merry Christmas macrons at Round The Way. Plumb pudding and lemon. Too good to miss.

You don’t want to miss the coffee either! Strong as a strong man in a strong factory. Oh yeah!
Let’s take a look  around…

Absolutely lovely, I didn’t have time to indulge in a bagel but the saganaki bagel burger is top of my list when I head back Round The Way!

Let take another tour…this time a sneak peek at what transpired when Charlie locked the doors on Bibo for the last time. Hello Little Bird, welcome to the neighborhood!

When you look around Little Bird you can still see the magazine pages in a panel homage to the well loved Bibo. But Little Bird has moved in with freshness and light, and lovely things on the menu to try.


A quick lunch meeting at Cornucopia saw this classic Greek salad devoured. Simple, delicious, dressed up with croutons and reminded me just how much I like this place. Coffee, excellent as always. The friendly hustle and bustle always makes for a great atmosphere.


And of course, Ballarat life wouldn’t be complete without a snapshot from our glorious Ferris Wheel. Sturt Street from above, let the good times roll!

Sunday morning breakfast at Unicorn with the kids. Who says it’s difficult to take kids out. Not Unicorn. Great menu for the littl’ns – especially the Tiger Toast, fab selections for the grown ups. And after a game of cards, vintage records and some dancing in the isles with 3 fluffy unicorns, our day was ready to begin.


Yellow Espresso, in all its big breakfast glory. Another successful Sunday breakfast with the kids. Happy bellies all round.

Just in case you haven’t been down to MADE lately (why, it’s amazing!)
The delightful Saltbush Kitchen has come on board. Lots of homemade goodies like this to enjoy.

Well that about wraps it up. Bring on 2015. Let’s see what’s in store!

Cat xx


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