I moved back to Ballarat (where I grew up) from Sydney recently and I’m a bit drunk on love for this old town again. I’m an ex-chef, counsellor/case manager (pre kids) and currently a stay at home mum of two. I love all aspects of food from the dirt to the plate. I think Ballarat has an abundance of, and a great love for artisan, fresh, local produce and products; the cafes reflect that. That’s quite unique and to be celebrated. Consequently, I’m not about negative reviews etc. If we haven’t got anything nice to say… That was the impetus for this site I guess. I want to try a genuinely positive approach and hopefully spark the same in those that come to each page. I’d also like to make it useful too! So the next time you scratch your head about where to eat or what to buy in Ballarat you can flip through this visual menu and read about the things I’m impressed by as I make my way around the eateries. You may even like to contribute to this site and I hope you do! Bon Appetite


Have you eaten here in Ballarat before? We'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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